Find the Best Domestic Assault Lawyer in Hamilton

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A domestic violence complaint can certainly result from a real act of violence involving spouses or two people who are in a relationship, but they are also often false accusations. While the allegation may have arisen out of a moment of anger or a misunderstanding, the police take these matters very seriously and will almost always arrest someone. It is important to know your rights and to work with a lawyer who is familiar with this area of law.

Best Criminal Lawyer in Hamilton

Skill, expertise and experience will be on your side when you choose best criminal lawyer in Hamilton. We are dedicated to providing outstanding legal services to people who have been charged with practically any type of criminal offence. Our attorneys have defended people charged with various types of offences from theft to domestic assault and drug possession with great success. If you or a loved one has been accused of a criminal offence, turn to us to get the highest chances of winning.

Violent Offences and Weapons Charges

If you or someone you know is dealing with a violent offences or weapons charge, speak to a criminal defence lawyer to work to resolve the matter with as little impact on your life and freedom as possible. We can defend you against charges involving:

  • Weapons
  • Assault
  • Homicide
  • Armed robbery
  • Kidnapping
  • Manslaughter
  • Carjacking

The best domestic assault lawyer in Hamilton can help protect you if you or your family have been the victim of domestic violence. An attorney can file restraining orders and make changes to your child custody agreement in order to protect you and your family. Conversely, if you have been accused of physically or mentally threatening someone close to you (e.g., a family member, boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner), you should contact a lawyer with experience in domestic violence cases. DV lawyers can also defend you against false accusations of domestic violence, which might otherwise put you at a disadvantage in divorce or child custody negotiations.

Professional Legal Advice and Representation

Each of our client receives full legal advice when turning to us for the first time. We understand how intense and emotionally charged the situation is for the accused and their family. That is why our lawyer will explain the charges and outline the possible outcomes in the first place. You will receive detailed information and the best professional advice for making the right decision at this early stage.

We provide legal representation to our clients from the moment they are charged with a criminal offence and even earlier, when the need arises. Your lawyer will be there to represent you at a bail hearing and bail reviews, throughout the entire trial and in case of appeal. The professional and the support specialists working on your case will do everything necessary to achieve the goal set in advance.

Powerful strategy is one of the main factors for the success of Criminal Lawyers Hamilton. Your counselor will investigate all facts of your case and the collected evidence and will interview witnesses and experts to get a clear picture of your case. The strategy is developed based on thorough analysis of the gathered information. Count on us to provide for all obstacles and to overcome them on the way to reaching the set objective.